About Dr. Tosan


In 1994, Rev. Dr. Tosan Akpituren perceived the call of God into His vineyard as a teacher to the nations. By God’s grace, he has been doing his best to share the revelation knowledge of God and his word with the world.

Living Way Ministry began when the word of the Lord came to him, saying, “…start the ministry that I have called you into, to teach the message of this new life. “

In addition to this commission, he is a professional microbiologist/public health officer passionate about propagating Scientific principles to promote health, wellness, and family success.

Dr. Tosan is also an inspirational speaker and author of several life-changing books, including bestsellers such as, “How to Make your Marriage heaven on Earth”, “Controlling Premature Ejaculation”, etc.


We welcome you to this ministry and pray that this marks the beginning of a relationship that will enable you to know and understand God more profoundly & enjoy a blissful family.

Presently, Tosan works with the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, Asaba Outstation as a Researcher/Chief Scientific Officer, he is also the CEO of GRACELIFE Printing and Publishing company, President of Living Way Outreach Ministries and the current State Chairman of the Nigerian Association of Scientific officers in Health, Delta State Chapter.

In 2011, he received an honorary doctorate award for excellence in Ministry.

He is married to Roli Akpituren, a chartered accountant, and they are blessed with three children.

Tosan Akpituren (+2348081109588)
(BSc, PGDip.Th, MSc, D.Th, MNSM, MASM)