The desire for a particular baby gender has been a long-time challenge to married couples. There are stories of husbands who abandoned their wives in the hospital when they heard she gave birth to another baby girl.

In Africa, our culture gives so much preference to male children. Some traditions, do not allow female children inherit landed properties, and this mentality has put many couples, especially the wives, under unnecessary pressure to get male children.

On the flipside, there are couples with only male children who are also desperate to get female children just to attain a gender-balanced family. This is top priority to most couples because both male and female children are equally important and have definitive roles to play in the family.

Over the years, it is believed that a divine being is totally responsible for determining the gender of children, and humans have no choice in this regard. But recent researches have debunked this belief.

On that note, what if I tell you that with simple natural methods, you can determine the sex of your children before they are born?


It sounds unbelievable, right?

But it is 100% POSSIBLE! As a matter of fact, I am a living testimony among numerous couples that I have taught the same methods over the years.

Now before you read further, let me tell you a bit about myself so that you will understand why you need to listen to me on this subject.

I am Rev. Dr. Tosan Akpituren, a distinguished Theologian, a Biological Scientist, Public Health Professional and dedicated Medical Researcher with the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research Outstation. A Chief Scientific Officer with over 16 years’ work experience in the Ministry of Health. I am also the immediate past Chairman of the Nigerian Association of Scientific Officers in Health, Delta State Chapter and the pioneer/first National President. 

Currently, I am a MSc student of Health Data Science for Applied Precision Medicine at the University of Dundee, UK and a General Representative of UOD Student Representative Council.

Fueled by a passion to unravel the mysteries of conception and gender determination, I went into intense research for several years, in the field of family planning and fertility.  This saw me conducting groundbreaking researches in fertility and the methods by which couples can naturally influence the gender of their unborn babies.

After years of research and experiment, I finally put together some natural baby gender-selection methods that have produced outstanding results over the years, offering hope and choice to countless families around the world.

Here are testimonials from some satisfied clients who applied these methods and got excellent results.

As you can see, these methods have helped a lot of couples over the years. Every challenge in life is surmounted by knowledge and when challenges meet the right knowledge, they give way.

Don’t let your marriage break because you can’t give birth to a particular gender. Rather than thinking yourself into depression, you can take advantage of the knowledge I want to share with you, and learn how you can determine the sex of your child even before they are born. If it worked for others, it will work for you also.

I occasionally conduct seminars, where I share my jealously-guarded “baby gender-selection secrets”. But over the years, I’ve been bombarded with mails and calls from couples, pleading that I put these information in e-format so people all over the world can have access and benefit from it, without any need to travel down for my seminars. I thought it was a brilliant idea, and for several months I devoted my time, putting together my years of research and experience into this powerful, self-explanatory ebook which I titled, “HOW TO CHOOSE THE SEX OF YOUR BABY”


In this ebook, you will discover the following;

  • The all-time secrets to accurately preselect the gender of your next baby.
  • What determines the sex of babies.
  • How to know the right time to conceive the gender you want, using your ovulation day verification.
  • Female Fertility Awareness techniques to help females identify when they are most fertile
  • How to increase your chances of conceiving the gender you want

That’s not all, you will also learn;

  • The essence of female orgasm in baby pre-selection
  • Best Sex Positions that is favorable for the gender you want
  • Food to eat that creates the right cervical environment for the particular gender you want
  • Douching Solutions for a baby Boy or Girl
  • How females can accurately chart their menstrual cycle despite irregularities

That’s still not all. This book will teach you;

  • Natural ways to achieve pregnancy for women trying to conceive (TTC)
  • Natural ways to prevent pregnancy for couples engaging in family planning.
  • How you can overcome the odds of having a boy.
  • Things men do that result in mostly female children
  • The greatest mistake many couples make when trying to have a boy.
  • A detailed list of alkaline diet you should eat to conceive the gender you desire

And much more…

“All these in just one e-book?
You gotta be kidding me!”

No, I’m not. This is for real and the best part about it is that all the methods described in the book are simple NATURAL METHODS you can apply from the comfort of your home.

Now the big question is, considering the effort, time and experience put in to produce this masterpiece, how much do you think it will go for?

Better still, how much are you willing to sacrifice to get the baby gender you always wanted, and to save your marriage and your mental health?

Perhaps N100,000

Maybe N50,000

or even N10,000

But no, I am not going to give out this book at all those exorbitant prices. I will not even give out the book for N5000, not even for N3000.

But because I want as many people as possible to get the vital information embedded in the book, I am going to give out this ebook for a measly cost of just N2,500.

Yes, you read that right With just…


you get a copy automatically sent directly to your email in less than 1 minute after purchase.

Get this book now and end your endless search for a particular gender, which is one of the reasons African families give birth to more children than they actually want.

Search no more.
Life is not a game of chance but of choice!
Make the right choice now. Order your copy of this book, and join our ever growing list of testifiers.
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It’s just N2,500

This is one life-changing decision you will never regret you made. Congratulations in advance, as I earnestly await your testimony.

Dr. Tosan Akpituren
B.Sc, Th.Dip, MSc., Th.M, Th.D, MPH in Med (in view)

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By Tosan Akpituren

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